Qasr Shabeeb Hospital

Our Objectives
Work on providing the best levels of first aid and health care, as well as the treatment and surgical services needed for every patient or injured individual hour round, with the highest Standards of methods, medicines and pathogens with a global class experience and good reputation.
Our Mission
To do our best to relieve the pains of patients and injuries, help their families to bear and accept the illness cases. help the patients and injured people to become totally cured and return to the normal rife among their farniliesL and to make the illness a part of the past only.
Our Vision
Providing distinguished treatment services for all the categories of the citizens, whether rich or poor, old, adult or child, is a must and a national duty as well as religious and moral commitment, regardless of the cost or expenses Based on our deep understanding of the humanitarian nature of this mission, we prepared balanced medical list of charges, that is fair and accredited by the ministry of health and the Jordanian medical association.
Our Aspiration
Provide to the patient corning to the hospital a believer physician and a nurse as well faithful worker, in addition to the required medical instruments and equipment as well as medicines and medical supplies, so as to perform the eternal medical mission that trustfulness of sayings,faithfulness in performance and doing the utmost to serve the patient and his/her family.

About us

Qasr Shabeeb Hospital has a long and glorious tradition. It is one of the oldest private general hospitals in the city of Zarga, in The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, having been founded in 1983. The Hospital was named after the Traditional Omayyad Palace. which is located opposite to the Hospital’s main building.


Why Qasr Shabeeb Hospital 

We comply with the medical fees issued by the Jordanian Medical Association.

Consumer Shield Award
Excellence and Creativity Award
Jordan Shield Award
Year Excellence

The values we grasp in Qasr Shabeeb hospital are

Respect of Laws, legislations and regulations.
the rights of the patients and their companions respect their views. beliefs and styles of life.
Ambition in an endeavor to better serve the patient and the family.
Work in the spirit
Work in the spirit of the one-team, and make the patient feel home, among his/her family and friends .

The hospital gained its name from the ancient Umayyad palace called Qasr Shabib, located opposite the hospital. It is a historic landmark and the glory of the first people who lived in this area, the heart of the modern city of Zarqa. Next to the hospital is the oldest public secondary school, the municipality building, It is steps away from the city’s main business district.

Dr. Faroug Abu Hwaige - General Manager

The hospital consists of nine floors, providing basic services such as feeding, washing, cleaning, ironing, central warehouses, lecture hall and dining hall. Followed by the departments of radiation, laboratory, pharmacy, obstetrics, intensive care, operating rooms, dialysis, emergency departments, immediate ambulance, accounting, information and medical records, and then the men’s floor, which is completely separate from the women’s floor followed by the floor of the prematurity, births and children.

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